Tweed Suits, Jackets and Accessories for the Modern Man

If you don't currently own a tweed suit, it may be a good piece of fashion clothing to buy for the fall and also winter season. A tweed fit is ideal for the cooler climate wardrobe, because each piece can be incorporated independently into other items of your wardrobe and worn together of course.

What is Tweed?

Well, it is a rather rough-to-the-touch wool textile. Tweed origins come from Scotland consisting of a rather loosened weave which makes it extremely comfortable as well as flexible. The word "tweed" itself refers to the weave of material instead of the pattern in the textile. So when you see various types of tweeds, this defines the pattern where it has been woven. For example, one of the most preferred type of tweed is Harris Tweed, which has a rich total shade due to refined streaks of purple, red, and orange within the material. Herringbone is additionally preferred in tweed, and is characterized by its angled v-shaped weave, typically in black and white.

Harris Tweed is a tweed cloth handwoven by islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, finished in the Outer Hebrides, and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides. This definition, quality standards and protection of the Harris Tweed name are enshrined in the Harris Tweed Act 1993.
Source: Wikipedia

One thing that guys overlook when it concerns tweed suits, is that they are excellent for mixing and matching. A 2 item suit provides you the alternative to blend it in three various ways: wearing the pants individually, putting on the coat independently, or using both items of the suit together. However, by including just one extra piece as well as acquiring a 3 piece tweed suit, you could transform three pieces right into seven various choices to put on: you could wear the pants separately, the vest individually, the jacket independently, the pants and also vest together, the vest and also coat together, the trousers and jacket with each other, or all 3 assemble. That is a lot of choices from one suit!

Because tweed is a textured fabric, it promptly conveys an image of splendor and also warmth when you use it. This makes a three piece tweed suit terrific for your fall as well as winter season formal occasions. If you plan to wear all three pieces together, consider buying a somewhat neutral tweed, such as a dark brown Harris Tweed. The all-natural bits of shade in the material will certainly lend passion to your outfit.

To bring out these shades, select and incorporate a colour that is seen in the fabric when you consider it close up. For instance, a three piece Harris Tweed match in dark brownish would certainly look outstanding with a burgundy tinted button down  dress shirt along with a gold and wine red diagonally striped tie. Naturally, a good watch, tie accessories and quality cuff links would certainly put the perfect complement on this clothing. Probably even tweed Trilby hat can top it off.

Currently, you can integrate the specific pieces of this fit into your seek almost any type of event. For a day at the office, attempt khaki chinos, a blue and white pin removed button down shirt, your tweed fit pants, as well as a Glen plaid tie. Or, pair navy woollen trousers with a gray button down t-shirt as well as the match vest. For a casual weekend appearance, throw on your match pants with a navy cashmere sweater, and loop a headscarf around your neck. Or, to include warmth while still looking advanced, throw a rust colored sweatshirt vest over a white button up t shirt, as well as layer your suit jacket on top.

As you could see, a financial investment in tweed is more than just having a wonderful standby match for your autumn and winter occasions. The items can quickly be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe so that you could get one of the most wear if it.

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