Who We Are

Who we are

A leader in mens fashion

Welcome to MensTweedSuits.co.uk. We are the number 1 fashion tailor in England that makes top quality tweed suits, jackets, waistcoats and other good looking accessories.

If you do not have a tweed suit, it might be an excellent fashion item for you to invest in for the cooler months of fall and winter. A tweed suit is perfect as cool weather wardrobe, because its pieces can be incorporated separately into other items of your wardrobe, as well as worn together.

We strive in providing you with the very best experience when searching for Tweed Suits. Our knowledgeable staff and associates will work with you to find the perfect design and fit you until its 100% right.

You tell us what you have in mind and we will make it all come together by picking the perfect style, colour and accessories. Let's work together!

What we do

Fashion that looks great

So what is tweed, exactly? Well, it is a somewhat rough-to-the-touch wool fabric. It originated in Scotland, and has a rather loose weave, which makes it very comfortable and flexible.

The word "tweed" itself refers to the weave of fabric rather than the pattern in the fabric. So when you see different types of tweeds, this describes the pattern in which it has been woven. For example, the most popular type of tweed is Harris Tweed, which has a rich overall color due to subtle flecks of purple, red, and orange within the fabric.

Herringbone is also popular in tweed, and is characterized by its diagonal v-shaped weave, usually in black and white.

Whether you are looking for a Tweed Suit, Jacket or Accessories, we can help you find the perfect item.